Sunday, March 29, 2020

Alan's Activites

My human and I have started a big puzzle today. This should keep us busy for a long time! My paws aren't very useful for picking up puzzle pieces but I can use my nose to point to the right pieces.

- Alan 🐾


  1. Hi Alan, here are some of Room 5's comments:
    Alyssa: Wow Alan loves that story Mrs Cox
    Daniel: Fantastic story Mrs Cox and Alan I really like the riming words in the story.I love egg and bacon but I hate green beans,how about u Alan?
    Ms Elena: Brilliant SMART comment, Daniel! Very proud of you!
    Zurielle: I love how Alan was moving everywhere it was like he was trying to look for the green eggs and ham in that room its really funny and I like the story a lot because how both of the characters like different food and thats what makes them unique in the story
    Viv Logan: I agree Zurielle- and isn't Alan a good listener! It's one of my favourite stories too!
    Alyssa: It's funny how Alan is moving about and its funny how Mrs Cox said " Alan you can move there or here😂🤣
    Sadaw: And Alan made me laugh when he stared at the camera instead at mrs Cox. He even listened to the book and thought that mrs Cox was telling him to move there or here, and he thought he has to find those “green eggs and ham!” But mrs Cox said “come here”😂🥰
    Thank you Alan and Mrs Cox!

  2. hi alan and mrs cox i like how you raed a book to Alan it was so kut.BY PITA