Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Alan Meets a Friend from Glen Taylor!

 Hi everyone,

in the weekend I went for a lovely long walk at Waiatarua Reserve with Mrs Cox. I've been visiting there since I was a little puppy and it's one of my favourite walks. That's because I get to run free which I always enjoy and generally there are lots of other dogs there so we all stop and say hello and catch up on what we have been doing. I also love jumping in the muddy water and having a quick swim. Then downside of that is that I have to go have have a bath afterwards but it's worth it!

This outing was extra special because when we were about half way round and lo and behold, who should we run into but Lara and her family. What a great surprise that was! I had been sniffing in the undergrowth but I bounded out to say hello when I saw who it was.I just love bumping into my friends from Glen Taylor School.

- Alan 🐾

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Friday, August 7, 2020

Alan loves the Beach

Hi everyone, I was having a little bit of trouble posting video clips for a while due to technical difficulties which got sorted out when Jacqueline came home to visit .... she is very skilled in that area. So, I thought you might like to see a clip of Jessie and Loma and I running about when we went to the beach in the holidays. The water was quite cold but my dense thick fur kept me warm and I do like a dip in the sea. Loma likes it even more than I do but Jessie is only four months old and she is still a little bit unsure of the sea. I'm sure next time we go she'll be as keen as mustard!

- Alan  🐾

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Alan at Orakei Basin

Hi everyone, you know that I just adore going for walks - well one of my favourite places to go is Orakei Basin. We have to go in the car to get there but when I was a guide dog I could go on the train and get off at either Meadowbank or Orakei station ...that was exciting but since I'm retired I'm not allowed to do that anymore. 
Anyway, Orakei Basin is fun because half of the way round is an off-leash dog area so I can run about and play with other dogs that are there too and also go swimming in the basin. You can walk around the whole basin but for half of it I have to be on leash which is okay but not quite as much fun..

This picture is of me on the dock at the sailing club - Mrs Cox said I could jump off and go for a swim if I like but I prefer to wade into the water not jump!

- Alan 🐾

Friday, July 31, 2020

Alan Goes to the Beauty Salon

Hi everyone, you know, when I was a guide dog I could put on my red coat and go almost anywhere Mrs Cox went. That was because if you are going to be a guide dog you need to be very highly socialised - i.e. you need to be very skilled at dealing with new places, people and experiences. I loved it and its one of the things I really miss now that I have retired. Luckily, because I am so highly socialised I have managed to hold on to a few of my guide dog privileges - like being allowed to come to Glen Taylor School! Some of the places I used to go with Mrs Cox still let me visit as they remember how well behaved I am. I'm allowed to go to the dentist and the hairdresser and also the beauty salon where Mrs Cox has something weird done to her eyelashes - I don't quite understand what but I don't mind that - I'm just glad not to be left at home!

- Alan 🐾


Monday, July 27, 2020

Alan's Holiday

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't blogged for a while - I had such a great time in the holidays that I just seemed to run out of time! I did all sorts of cool stuff. I went on a beach holiday with my friend Jessie - her sister Loma was there too and we had a great time playing with each other especially running about on the beach.

I also had a sleepover at Jessie's house in Auckland and that was exciting because her other sister Hettie was home too and there are two bunnies as well! The other thing that I enjoyed was going to work with Hettie - she works at a veterinary clinic. My nephew Dale works there as well so I got to see him too. Whew! I was exhausted by the end of the holidays and quite glad to come back to school for a rest!

Alan   🐾

Monday, June 29, 2020

Alan and Jessie Play Around

Hi everybody. You remember my friend Jessie the guide dog puppy? I went for a visit to her house  yesterday and we had so much fun! I am bigger than Jessie but she is very feisty so we are a good match. We played tug of war as you can see - I won of course! Jessie has a lot to learn because she is hoping to be a guide dog but she can still have fun while she is learning!

- Alan 🐾 

Friday, June 26, 2020

Alan's Special Treat

Hi everyone! I had an exciting day last week - Mr Herlihy gave Mrs Cox a treat for me to take home because it was a special day....I forget why! It might have been school photo day or it might have been my first day back at school...I can't remember but that doesn't bother me - food is always good!!
Mrs Cox made sure I said thank you to Mr Herlihy - she didn't need to remind me really because I'm a dog with very good manners.

- Alan 🐾