Monday, June 8, 2020

Alan Enjoys his Trip to the Park

Hi everyone I've been going to the park a lot now that I'm allowed to again. There are so many dogs and people enjoying getting out and about. It's exciting especially catching up with dogs I haven't seen for a while. Hank and I (you remember my friend Hank) have been going to the park together and chasing each other about and tussling over sticks. Yesterday we managed to sneak in a swim in the creek even though Mrs Cox usually says I can't do that as she has to bath me afterwards. I just ran off when she wasn't looking - a bit naughty but I really wanted a swim. I tried to look sorry afterwards....

- Alan  ðŸ¾


  1. Hello Alan I like your post and it sounds amazing. hope you liked you trip to the park =)

  2. Hi Amindeep - yes I love going to the park - especially if there are other dogs there that I can run around with.