Monday, June 22, 2020

Alan Goes Back to School

Hi everyone I'm so excited. Last week I had my first proper day back at school since lockdown! So great to be back - I was in Room 5 which I enjoyed because I got to sit on my purple mat. I was very pleased to see that Ms Elena had been keeping it spic and span for me - well done Ms Elena - five clicks for you!!
I did a lot of work. We were learning about families of facts for maths which was new for me so that was interesting and as a special treat Mr Herlihy came and taught Te Reo - we learnt names for parts of our bodies. We got to sing which was fun and of course I'm always pleased to see Mr Herlihy.....I gazed out the window after he left hoping he would come back but he didn' time perhaps. 
I so enjoyed seeing all my friends at Glen Taylor School again - I'm already excited to go back for the rest of the term!

- Alan ðŸ¾

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