Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Alan and Level Three

Hi everyone well today is 'level three' according to Mrs Cox which she seems very pleased about but I'm not sure what it means....she did say it wouldn't change much for me but she might be a lot busier. I'm not sure what could be more important than playing with me! I might try some more board games today (after I've had a chew on this leaf frond) and hopefully Mrs Cox won't be so busy she forgets to take me on my walk!

- Alan ðŸ¾


  1. Hey Alan I like your photos and don't for get stay home Alan never go anywhere or unless you are shopping anyways I was good seeing that your a still okay bye Alan see ya next time.

  2. Hi Louis I miss you and I am staying safe and being very very careful to keep to the level three rules. I'm glad you like my photos - have you listened to Mrs Cox reading me bedtime stories?

  3. Hi Ahasi - yes I am quite cute - well so many people say I am I have to believe it.I hope you are safe and well.