Sunday, April 5, 2020

Alan Wearing his First Guide Dog Red Coat

Hi everyone. I was at a bit of a loss as to how to amuse myself today so Mrs Cox suggested I have a look through my photo albums. So I did that and look at this photo of me that I found! Two days before I went to live with the Cox family my siblings and I had photos taken in our very first red coats. These are the coats guide dogs who are in training wear. We have to get used to them as soon as possible so they don't feel strange to us. The purpose of our coats is to help us get used to wearing things because when we graduate as working guide dogs we have to wear a special harness. Also our red coats let the public know we are special dogs who are allowed to go almost everywhere. Otherwise people think we are being naughty when we are going into shops and on buses and even planes!

Have you ever seen a guide dog wearing a red coat when you have been out? Did you know it is important not to talk to them or try and pat them? Difficult I know as we are so gorgeous but very important. If we are to be good at our job we need to concentrate very hard and not be distracted - just like at school when it's learning time! 

- Alan  ðŸ¾

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