Friday, April 3, 2020

Alan's Sister Abby

Hi everyone. I thought today you might enjoy seeing a photo of my sister Abby. She is a beautiful black labrador just like me except if you look closely you can see she has a little bit of white on her chest. Abby and I were born at the Guide Dog Breeding Centre in Manurewa on 30/03/2015. There were eight puppies in our litter so our mum (her name is Wynn) had her work cut out looking after us, especially as we got older and started running around and playing with all our toys. Abby is a very clever girl and was the first puppy in our litter to learn to sit on command. She unfortunately couldn't be a guide dog because she had some skin problems that meant she was too uncomfortable when she wore her guide dog harness. That was a shame but luckily she is healthy and happy now living with a lovely family who adore her. She has four boys at her house to run around and have fun with. Lucky Abby!

- Alan ðŸ¾

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