Monday, April 6, 2020

Alan's Friend Hank

Today I'd like you to meet my friend Hank. He is probably my best dog friend and he lives just up the road from me with his humans

who have known Mrs Cox for years and years. Hank is a bit younger than me - I think he's two - and sometimes he wants to play when I've just had enough and want to have a snooze....a couple of times I've had to get a bit cross and tell him just to stop. He gets the message eventually. Hank is a bit of a mixture of lots of types of dogs and is very handsome. I love him because he is fun to play with especially tug of war games with our toys. We've even had sleepovers at my house - Hank was a bit naughty though and slept on the furniture when Mrs Cox wasn't looking....

- Alan ðŸ¾

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