Thursday, May 7, 2020

Alan is Cold

Hi everyone, gosh it's certainly getting colder...last evening I was lying in the lounge as I usually do while the humans watch television and chat ...and of course Mrs Cox is ALWAYS knitting ....and I felt uncomfortably cold. Usually I lay on my bed or on Jacqueline's blanket on the floor - she never picks it up, she's not always very tidy...but it was not warm enough so I lay on her blanket and put my blanket over the top of me. Very cosy! Do you like my blanket? I like the dog paw prints all over it. Mr Cox actually bought it in the Netherlands for me. He was there on a cycling trip with his dad and was sleeping in a tent. It was summer there but the weather turned unseasonably cold. They
 were in a small village and the only shop that had blankets was the pet shop!! He said it made a real difference and how lucky for me - I scored a new blanket. 

If the humans are feeling cold they put on a jumper and Mrs Cox says a hat is always good because you lose most of your heat from your head. I can't wear a hat because my head is the wrong shape and it's nearly impossible not to cover my eyes if the hat has a chance of staying on my head - so I will stick to my blanket!!

- Alan ðŸ¾

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