Thursday, May 14, 2020

Alan Learns to Knit

Hi everyone as you know I've been dyeing wool (with Mrs Cox helping just so I don't get the dye on my paws of course because it's hard to get rubber gloves to fit them). Well Mrs Cox has been teaching me about knitting and we've done quite a bit in the last few days. Also we found a little bit more of wool to dye and so Jacqueline got out the food colouring out again and dyed it a very nice green - it looks like grass I think and I like grass - sometimes I eat it although Mrs Cox says I shouldn't because she feeds me plenty of dog biscuits and Mr Herlihy gives me extra treats. I'm really missing those but Mrs Cox says I won't be coming back to school for a while even when it opens ..... poor me...I hope Mr Herlihy sends my treats to my house! ( He won't be doing that Alan - you just have to be patient! - Mrs Cox).

- Alan ðŸ¾

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