Saturday, May 9, 2020

Alan's Swimming Pool

Hi everyone - well the wool we dyed is very nearly dry but still just a touch damp so I can't post photos of it yet. Sorry about that. Tomorrow for sure!
Meanwhile I've had my swimming pool on the deck - Mrs Cox was going to pack it away for the winter but there's been a change of plans. Auckland is getting a bit short of water so we are thinking of ways to save water. During the heavy rain last week my pool filled up so Mrs Cox said we would keep it to water our garden with instead of using the hose. Good idea I thought. However in the meantime - the garden doesn't need watering at the moment - I've discovered it's a really convenient drinking bowl!

- Alan ðŸ¾


  1. Kia ora

    That was a great idea. I hope that Alan has had a good lockdown my 2 dogs have loved it because they get so much in attention. Me and my family and the dogs went for a walk around the panmure basin. We went by a hotel named waipuna lodge I have my party they most of my birthdays.

    Have a great day From Lara room 8

  2. Hi Lara we have missed seeing you and all our GTS friends. So glad you have been getting out for walks - Panmure Basin is one of our favourite walks. Alan has had so much attention he's getting a little bit demanding! I'm glad you like our swimming pool idea.