Friday, May 1, 2020

Alan's Car Ride

Hi everyone - more excitement today! I've just got back from a ride in the car - the first one in ages...I'd missed them so much. I was starting to think we had actually sold the car! But no, there is was parked in the same place and Mrs Cox let me get in the boot. Off we went speeding (NOT speeding - Mrs Cox does not speed) down to Glen Innes - apparently the car is having something called a service. Then it got even better - we walked all the way home from Glen Innes to our house - that's two walks today so far. I'm having the best day ever - except for the days I get to spend with my friends at Glen Taylor School which are actually my favourite!

Look out for my bedtime story tonight. Now I'll be aiming to post them twice a week instead of everyday. Remember you can listen to your favourites as many times as you like. Tonight it's a great counting book called 'One Duck Stuck'.

- Alan ðŸ¾

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