Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Alan Plays Dress-ups

Hi everyone I was searching through my toys for something to do today and I found some of my dress-up costumes. I got them all out and decided which I would like to wear. This was my choice - what do you think? I love dinosaurs and I can easily pretend to be one when I wear this outfit!I have worn it at school one day and I really like it although it's not the easiest costume in the world to get on! I usually have to get Mrs Cox to help me. It has so many holes for my legs and even my ears if I pull the hood up! Lots of buttons as well and they are extremely difficult when you have paws. I would say impossible but I never say anything is impossible for me!
I wonder if you like dressing up? I'd love to see you in your favourite dress up costume!

- Alan ðŸ¾

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